$100,000 as a Liquor Inventory Auditor [8-Step Business Plan]

Hey there I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking how did I get here? Who in the hell is this guy? And how can you help me with my career? Fair question…for those of you who don’t know me, My name is Dave Allred “TheRealBarman”, founder and CEO of Bar Patrol Inventory I’m hanging out in the bar that I run here in Danville, California I want to thank you for stopping by and speaking of stopping by, I’m not sure how you arrived here But if you’re in the bar and restaurant industry and you’re tired of working late nights, you’re tired of working weekends And you want to be your own boss…

Stick around because I’m going to share with you how I started my own liquor inventory Business on the side and grew up from scratch to over $100,000 within just a few months and I’m gonna show you how you can do it, too. Let’s get it on So what I’m going to do today is share with you my 8-step business plan UPDATE: INSTEAD OF THE BOOK, YOU WILL GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE MASTER COURSE DETAILS UPDATE: INSTEAD OF THE BOOK, YOU WILL GET INSTANT ACCESS TO THE MASTER COURSE DETAILS Build your own business so you can get out of those late nights.

Now if you’re wondering what a bar inventory auditor or inventory expert is, it’s someone who counts and tracks a bar’s inventory on a weekly basis to Identify and eliminate their losses which saves them tens of thousands of dollars per year…now This is the bar where it all started for me, where I first decided to become a bar inventory auditor and Up until that point. It’s the same bar I was working in where I literally almost got divorced because I was looking for something to get me out of that lifestyle.

I never saw my family. I never saw my wife and kids…they went to work and school in the day. I was here late at night and it was getting really bad and I was desperate to find something…last chance Hail Mary, and you wouldn’t believe all the things I had tried up to that point. 15 employees, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg and then at the very end I tried one last career, which is way too embarrassing to share here Maybe you have a similar story going on right now, But I doubt it’s as dramatic as mine. Now with that said, I do love the bar industry I’ve been doing it for 25 plus years… But as many of you know, it ends up being a dead-end job because there’s very little room for advancement.

We simply aren’t trained for another career and even when we start another career We’re gonna have to start at the entry level, Take a pay cut climb the ladder, And how many years is that gonna take and besides that we’ll end up hating it anyway, right? We’re not used to the nine-to-five or working in the cubicles. We’re not built for that. We need to be up and moving around.

So what happens is we end up resenting the very industry We once loved because there’s no upside. So we burn out on the late nights and the weekends. So before we get to be eight steps, you might be asking yourself What’s so great about this bar auditing gig Dave? Well for starters. I promise that you might have is why should you listen to me? Who in the hell am I to give you advice on this? Well since 2011 when I start a Bar Patrol, I’ve worked with sports bars, dive bars, lounges, nightclubs, all the way to corporate giants… I’ve worked with PF Changs, Outback Steakhouse providing huge impacts to their bottom line and in the process I’ve taken more than 5,000 inventories myself working with dozens of bars around the San Francisco Bay Area where I started and now hundreds of bars nationally So make sure to do your due diligence, I beg you go see me on LinkedIn, check out my other YouTube Videos Visit me on TheRealBarman.com Visit me on bar Patrol net just to make sure you’re not dealing with some psycho selling you a Cart-load of rotting fish because when it comes down to it, I know many of you have the same story as me.

Maybe not to my degree where I really hit rock bottom, But some of you are starting to realize if you keep doing the same thing and you don’t change your direction, You’re gonna wake up one day and you’re gonna be 65 years old, You’ll still be managing a bar or a restaurant or a hotel, And you’ll be serving a bunch of white zinfandel to little old ladies who come to see you. That might seem a little melodramatic, But the point is you can either continue doing what you’re doing right now, and I’m not judging, if That’s what you were born to do, to run a bar and you love it and you’re happy with the late nights and the weekends And you’re happy with the money you’re making, Go for it.

I’m not going to stop you. Or you can do something about it and by do something about it I mean do what I did: stop looking for some other career and do what you know. Use your bar and restaurant industry Experience and knowledge to start your own business and help bar owners who Really need it and then get paid what you’re worth which is a hundred to a hundred fifty dollars per hour All right enough babbling, Let’s get to the eight-step business plan and talk about how I was able to earn $8,000 – $10,000 dollars per month with This startup side business and why it just might be the ticket for you to earn more freedom and money in your life Just like it did for me. All right, step one We focus on the most when I teach people this business how to find the right bars and the right bar owners who really need Your help. And inside the online master course I teach, I give you Training on the exact scripts I use as well as trigger words and phrases I use to land meetings and get bar owners and managers to sit up and pay attention to me because I came across as the expert even when I didn’t feel like one which is the secret to me landing Clients like crazy and I show you exactly how to do that.

Because in order to be paid more money, you have to become an expert at something and what that means is the jack-of-all-trades Aren’t bringing home the bacon. They’re bringing home the spam or the canned tuna fish or whatever metaphor helps You understand that the money is in the niche..the niche…the niche? You get my point. It’s in becoming an expert in a narrow field. Why do you think brain surgeons and plastic surgeons make more than the general practitioner? They are experts at what they do. That’s what a liquor inventory auditor is: A specialized expert. Mastering the Presentation will launch your business to new heights and the way we do that is to stand out from every other person who walks into The bar and tries to sell them a product or service and the way we do that is by not Telling them how great our service is.

Yep. You heard right? We impress them by not talking about ourselves and how amazing we are and say stupid things like “We’ve been around for a hundred years and our product is this and this and this… “You should totally buy it.” “How soon before you start giving me money?” Blaaahhhh!!! How many people do you want to buy from Who just talk about themselves and their product the whole time? Instead the presentation is about asking them questions about their bar, about their Situation, their lives, their pain points, their struggles, so you can help solve those pain points, When you listen to them instead of talking about yourself, and then you show them what you can do, They will crave your services because they want someone to tell them what to do. They need your help, which leads us to step three, which is the bar setup. It’s now time to gather the information which is basically their products, their recipes, their vendors… You take all that, You go home, you sit in front of the computer, you listen to some Pandora and you just set up their account in the software.

It’s as simple as that to sell the service and the reason it sells a service is because you’ll be Demonstrating how much money they’re losing on a weekly basis, which is usually around $1,500 to $2,000 per week, depending on the size of the bar and you’re going to be the solution to that problem and when they get this information The demo week is a lock on selling your service. You’re getting the credit card information so they can pay you, you’re signing a contract, They basically agreed to use you to save them a lot of money and now it’s time to perform and show them what you got.

Bartender training is to get everyone together and let them know that there’s a new culture of accountability and standards that they need to be on board with. In addition We test them on free-pouring to see if they know what they’re doing and we’ll also test them on the cocktail menu To see if they know what portions go into their own cocktail drinks. Again I provide the training scripts for the bartender meeting and how to teach you how to teach free-pouring, Because most of them aren’t doing it correctly and you’re going to prove that when you test them in the training. Come in, take their inventory, gather their invoices, before you head home, jump on your computer and run Their variance report and troubleshoot it before you send that off to the owner and managers. The main thing to remember here is not to go on automatic pilot and disappear from sight, especially if you have an Early morning inventory before anyone’s there. If they don’t see you, they forget about you and the impact you’re having and your retention level falls.

The 8-step business plan…I call this the extra mile. This is a lot of what we were just talking about: over-delivering so you can retain clients for years. This really was and still is the magic sauce to my success. I give more than I say I’m gonna give so it impresses people. What these owners are expecting from you is good service. Taking inventory and then delivering the results of that inventory to the staff so you can maintain the standards, that’s what they expect from you, but when you give them more than that and by more than that I mean Multiple areas you’re helping them in their bar…when people sign up for the master course I give them all of my expertise and knowledge. Not just inventory management. I give them two of my books: The 21 Laws of Running a Bar and Bar Profit Maximizers Which is a 12-step program to help the bar save money in a myriad of ways beyond Inventory management.

When you do this, when you deliver amazing results, you retain clients for years, But your reputation also Grows and you have no idea Where that can lead you in your career. That’s exactly what happened to me. So that’s going to do it. That’s your overview of the 8-step business plan on how to become a bar inventory expert. It really is the Holy Grail For those of you looking to do something different, Looking to start something on your own. You can start it as quickly or as slowly as you want. You can do it part-time while you’re still working your other job and grow it. It’s totally up to you, but you can make a lot of money doing it.

UPDATE: CLICK ON THE BOX TO HEAD DIRECTLY TO THE COURSE DETAILS… UPDATE: CLICK ON THE BOX TO HEAD DIRECTLY TO THE COURSE DETAILS. Subscribe to my youtube channel, so you and I can hang out all the time. I’ll see you next time. I’m outta here… outta here…that way… .