Bartending Tips : Types of Liquor at Bars

Now I’m going to walk you through some of the basic liquors you’ll need to use if you’re a bartender. Probably the most common one that you’ll ever need is going to be vodka. This is used in the majority of, I would say, of drinks. It’s pretty common and especially with mixed drinks. People don’t really drink vodka straight that often unless they’re having a martini. The offsets of vodka involve flavored vodkas. So these are some things like raspberry flavored vodka. There’s citrus flavored vodka. There’s peach. I think nowadays there’s just about any flavor you want flavored vodka. For example here’s a vanilla flavored vodka as well.

There’s also different brands. Absolute, Smirnoff. There’s a little bit more of an upscale one which is Gray Goose. There’s a few others as well that are just higher end vodkas. They cost a little bit more and generally the customers that drink them they’re going to know the taste apart from any other vodka. The next we’re going to talk about is gin. Now this is an example of a gin. It’s Tangaray. There’s also several others. Bombay. And these can tend to be used, a lot of people use these in martinis when they order a gin martini. In addition to that you’re going to have your rums. Rums, especially this one, this is a light rum. It’s used in a lot of tropical drinks. In addition to that there’s also flavored rums now so there’s Bacardi Limon. The same as vodka. Pretty much any flavor rum you can imagine now exists. In addition to that we have your tequila.

Jose Cuervo I’d say is probably the most well known one. There’s also Sauza. There’s a lot of other different ones as well. And higher end ones as well. You can get 1800. Next we’re going to talk about blended whiskey. This is Canadian Club. This one’s also known as CC. So if someone orders a CC and 7 you know it’s Canadian Club. And following that you’re going to get a Hennessey. This is a cognac. And cognac is similar to a couple other things including brandy. Brandy and cognac are pretty similar. And now you want to just be careful. Because this Canadian Club is actually a blended whiskey.

There’s a difference between blended whiskey’s, Irish whiskey’s and Scotch whiskey’s. So be careful. Your Scotch whiskey’s tend to be made in Scotland whether they’re bottled there or not. They’re distilled in Scotland. Irish whiskey’s the same. So just make sure you keep track of those and know that there’s a difference between those three types of liquor. .