People Try Alcohol For The First Time

I am here to taste out alcohol for the first time.That probably taste horrible like absolutely horrible The smell reminds me of drunk people oh Nope, so we are taste at least bit fruity but bit bitter. It’s like Saitama that burns These are probably also see exactly 50 feet I Don’t like this at all hmM No, whatever – our orders. Oh, though That just tastes like horrible, how do people drink that I? Can’t really think of non-alcoholic drinks that it tastes like piss oops. That’s not nice smells kind of like bubblegum that’s a key not bad it kind of tastes like seven off but Slightly stronger, it doesn’t taste like a caramel actually not even a taste is like a tongue numbing effect Which is kind of off-putting it’s sweet enough, and you don’t really have to mix it so I’d probably go for something like this This is I would assume either gin or vodka.

Just because it’s clear Wow, oh my God Look at strong gold Like someone makes bark in with tonic water, and then like put in a dash of nature paper or something Well, it’s not as bad as I mind game in Fairness though. Very very bad do you Ever get away from this white wine of Some kind which kind of white wine is I’ve no idea of the differences Yep, there’s a smell it smells like plastic. If that makes sense like again kind of nail varnish and plastic together. Oh Please the hottest from the malt because I don’t drink alcohol. I can really taste the alcohol taste up from it Oh, it burns that kind of burning sensation in your throat. That’s what I’m getting from the wine That’s actually burning every part of my tongue They’re very hot olli.

I know that sounds silly, but it’s yeah, I haven’t been converted to Drinking, but I can see why some people might enjoy it you get used to the horrible taste And you get to enjoy the buzz so let them to their own people that either just completely ignore the fact that I’m Not drinking or they will go? Oh, so you’re not drinking. Why aren’t you drinking? And then the first is heavily preferred because I end up having just as much a good night as there ask them and oftentimes I’m the one who gets to sit back and laugh when there are four heads, which is good fun .