Celebrity Alcohol Taste Test

– It is 11 AM, on a work day, let’s do this. (driving rock beat) – I’m already getting an Adam Levine vibe from this. – Adam Levine, really? – I don’t know why. – I’m interested – Cheers. (glasses clink) – Mmm. – Not terrible. – That’s like, get you fired up for a fight. – No, if somebody brought you this as a shot, – Yeah – You could finish it – Right – and not throw up. – I want to say it’s Justin Timberlake. – Mmm – I’m gonna go with J.T. – Jay Z! – Ahhhh! – Oh, he’s fancy. – Doesn’t this taste a little bit like Jay Z? I could imagine Jay Z – Yeah – sipping on this after Beyonce’s yelled at him a little bit. – This smells like some B.S. (laughs) – This smells like straight sugar.

– I think this is Nicki even before I taste it because it looks elegant. – Mmm! – Woah, what the fuck? – That is way too sweet. – There’s no category that this excels in. – This tastes like an apple crayon. – This tastes like Nicki Minaj’s lip gloss. – If this is Kanye I’m gonna cry. – It certainly reminds me of the queen Nicki Minaj. – Yeah! (laughs) – Nicki, no, you know better. – Now, knowing that it’s Nicki Minaj, I definitely like it more. – Oh, smells like ranch dressing! – It does smell like ranch dressing. – This smells like tequila. – Ach. – Wow – Ooh. – This is great, it’s really smooth, it’s flavorful.

– I would be definitely drinking this at a pool party. – Which head would you like, – Woah. (laughs) – This is a visionary liquor. Kanye’s a visionary man. – That’s a face you make when you’ve been drinking tequila. – Ohhh – OK – Justin, your tequila is a lot like you. It looks white, but then there’s a nice little kick at the end. – Justin just does everything right. – Oh – Oh it’s fruity. – Yeah this is gonna suck. – It smells like a Yankee Candle. – You know what this smells like exactly? – What? – A Push Pop. – Yes! – Ugh, terrible after taste! (coughs) – Tastes a bit watermeloney. – This tastes like the equivalent of seeing a 14 year old kid smoking a cigarette. – I hope it’s P. Diddy, it would be hilarious if this was P. Diddy’s alcohol. – Funky and sugary with just a hint of spice, I’m going Nicki Minaj. – Are you serious? – Are you kidding me? Woah, what? – Diddy would make, he makes these drinks for women.

– You know what, this was probably inspired by J Lo. – Oh that is, it’s like feet and rubbing alcohol. – Ugh – Ugh. – Smells like college party vodka. – Ahhh. – It has a sweetness to it that my face would indicate otherwise. – Normally vodka is a chore, but this is like, all right. – I feel like it’s either Kanye or Pharrell. – I would have to agree, it’s gotta be Yeezy. – It’s gotta be Yeezy. – What? – What, Dan Akroyd? – Look at Dan, he’s never been with a cooler group of people in his entire life though. – I don’t know why I thought these would be different from normal liquors, like oh they’re celebrity liquors. No this just looks like whiskey, it has a celebrity face on it. – The only occasion where it would make sense for me to drink these in the future would be if the actual celebrity was pouring it themselves. – Yes.

If I had a lot of money, I would make my own alcohol too. .