Bar i Liquor Inventory Product Demonstration

Jamie: Hi there, I’m Jamie. I’m one of the owners of Bar-i Intelligent Inventory. Today I want to show you how our liquor inventory system is going to save you time, make your bar more profitable, and increase the effectiveness of your managers. First of all to save you time. Rather than using a clipboard or two people and a laptop, using our specific counting software will half the amount of time you’re spending each period taking inventory. Second of all, it will make you more money. On average our clients reduce their liquor cost by more than 3 percent since using our service. Thirdly, it’s going to make your managers more effective. Rather than lumping the performance of all the products in your bar into a liquor cost, we provide performance information on individual products, so you can manage your staff and your liquor cost much more effectively. Each time you want to take inventory at your bar, simply download the free counting software, which comes preloaded with all the settings of your bar and contains a map which will guide you around and ensure that you’re accurate. When open bottles are in the same position as last time, simply place the bottles on the scale in order.

Weighing is the most accurate way to take inventory. Our system allows you to use two hands, which is fast. When the order of product changes from the previous time, easily make changes to the map by inserting new lines to make spots for new products, erasing lines for products which are no longer in stock, scanning bar codes to identify new products, or simply enter new products using the drop down menu, or by simply typing the name of the product. When counting full bottles in your liquor room, use voice command to enter product counts, which is much faster than using clipboard and doesn’t require two people. Male worker: Three enter, six enter, two enter. Jamie: When you finish counting your inventory using our specific counting tool, run a point of sale report so we know what was sold and then scan your paper invoices so that we know what was delivered during the inventory period. Then you get on with your day while we take care of the number crunching and error checking.

Within 24 hours we’ll email you one of our detailed performance reports, which you can use to identify specific problems and use to manage your staff and business more effectively. Here’s some examples of how to use the reports. For draft beer, check the overall keg yield and identify issues with individual products so they can be fixed. In this case, draft Guinness is performing poorly indicating the wrong gas pressure or other issues. For bottled beers ensure that all bottles are being correctly rung at the point of sale system. Identify individual products which are causing problems. In this case eight bottles of Coors Light were not rung in. Check to make sure each Jager shot is being run and poured correctly.

Or identify mis-rings, where bartenders may be ringing one product but pouring another. In this case we see the well vodka is over-performing indicating that more product was rung than poured. While Grey Goose is under- performing showing missing product. This may indicate bartenders are pressing one button but pouring a different product. Our reports also contain handwritten comments and recommendations which help you manage your bar business much more effectively. Using your reports to identify specific problems and then collaborating with your staff to identify solutions will help reduce your shrinkage, decrease your liquor cost, and increase your sales and profits over time. Since we take care of the data entry and tricky bits, you’re free to get on with the other 53 things on your to-do list. Thanks for checking out our product demonstration video. Check out the rest of the site and then give us a call.

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and then schedule a set up for your bar. .