How to Hold Your Liquor

How to hold your liquor managing your drinking means never having to say I’m sorry I threw up on your shoes again you will need a filling meal water and a semblance of self control optional honey or candy step 1 never drink on an empty stomach unless you like getting the spins a meal will slow alcohol absorption by lining your stomach eat two tablespoons of honey or a candy bar before a night of drinking one study found that ingesting fructose and glucose helped reduce mistakes on a motor skills test step 2 stick to one alcoholic drink per hour the most the liver can process step 3 alternate alcoholic beverages with glasses of water because dehydration is what causes most of the unpleasant side effects of drinking like headaches and nausea avoid red wine champagne and sugary drinks they cause the worst hangovers step 4 dilute your drinks as the night goes on wine drinkers can switch to spritzes beer lovers can order an English shanty be a mix of a lemon-lime soft drink your weight determines how much alcohol your body can handle so if you’re a hundred pounds soaking wet don’t try to match your 200-pound buddies shot-for-shot step 5 take a seat people in bars drink more when they’re standing because they are less relaxed did you know college students drink significantly more than they think they do according to a 2003 medical survey